Saturday, May 09, 2009

Southwestern Heat, Southwestern Travel

It's hot! Over 90 degrees. But everyone around here is saying "Oh! How wonderful it is that it has finally gotten warm! Isn't it great that Spring has finally come?"


We thought it was warm! Winter here felt like Spring. If Spring feels like the middle of Summer to us...

We can barely function during the day right now. Our big furry cat Chloe just lies around on the floor looking uncomfortable. We laugh at ourselves: California coastal wimps.

Oddly, even though there hasn't been any rain and the humidity is never more than 19%, the local plant life is acting like Spring has come. Flowers are starting to show up, the grass is even getting slightly green.

When we went to the Painted Desert a few weeks ago I took this photo of an historic adobe hotel there. It reminded me more of New Mexico than Arizona and lately Santa Fe, New Mexico has been on my mind.

Paul got a bug in his brain to see Pie Town which is on the way to Albuqueque which isn't that far from Santa Fe so maybe we'll make the entire trip. We've been wanting to find a way to bring our spiritual counseling and healing practice to a place with a large enough interested enough population base to make it successful. Mormon Snowflake, despite its charms, is really not the place. We also want to get Mama Love to retail stores out here and with the tourist trade picking up we're hoping this might be the time to get this show on the road.

Not ready quite yet. I have to make some more tester bars and do some preliminary research as to where to go. We're also planning a second trip to the Flagstaff/Sedona area which is the opposite direction so it may be a couple weeks before we go. But we're both getting the urge to get going so the time must be just about right.


Almost Precious said...

Ah yes, Summer in the Southwest...110 in the shade. My mother had lived in St. George, Utah before she passed away, though it was scenic with Zion National Park at her back door, it was dry, dusty and hot, hot, hot !!! Never understood why she moved from Ventura Co. California, but you, being coastal Californians, might understand her reasoning far better than I. :)

Sheryl Karas said...

Average $1000/month rent for a studio apartment in a converted garage is the reason we left. There are so many beautiful places to live. Including places with lakes and trees. It just didn't make sense to try to pay so much for rent when we hadn't found acceptable options for making our business flourish there. We're in transition, this is a stop on the way. Maybe we'll return to a coast but the means of making a good life there has to be established along the way.