Friday, May 22, 2009

Springtime in the Desert

The first rains came this week, just sprinkles, couldn't be as much as 1/2 inch. But everything seems so joyful!

The dried up yellow bunches of grass have turned bright green practically overnight. If the color of this photo on your computer screen looks florescent, that's about what it should be!

An adorable little mouse with gigantic ears shared some time with Paul and me on the back porch last night. This morning Paul pointed out two Raven pair bonds doing some kind of dance together in the sky. Earlier this week I saw two tiny cottontails face off, bow to each other and then leap into the air. We've seen both jackrabbits and cottontails chasing each other back and forth, leaping over each other again and again like they're playing a crazy game of leapfrog. And speaking of frogs, we heard the distinct sound of croaking this morning. There are frogs in the desert! They can go away for years at a time but as soon as there's enough rain they awaken and come back to life.

I read on a flower essence website that desert plants, desert life in general, have a tendency to be still, conserving energy for long periods of time. Then, at the slightest opportunity, they come to life and spring into action. It is said that the Arizona desert encourages inner stillness, patience and peace interspersed with periods of rapid growth and change. We see evidence of this all around us. We're both caught up in learning new things and generating new experiences ourselves this week. We have no understanding of what this will do, where it could lead, it might be the beginning of nothing special at all. But it feels really great to be actively engaged in things we want to learn, things we want to do. And all the creatures and plants around us seem to feel the same.

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