Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What if People Could Vote On Your Marriage?

Today the California Supreme Court upheld the legislation passed last November that took away the right for gay people to marry in California but did allow the 18,000 single sex marriages that happened before that vote to stand. The court's mixed reponse leaves the door open to change in the future because it is certainly not right to allow some people rights while denying them to others of the the same group.

The Courage Campaign is now trying to raise money to air a really well-done ad in which they say:

What if we could vote to pay you less because of your gender?

To deny you medical care because of your age?

To deny you housing because of your race?

What if we could vote to deny you the right to marry the person you love?

That's what Proposition 8 was all about.

It's a great ad, a powerful statement. Watch it for yourself!

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