Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What Sells Well in a Bad Economy?

Well, I can't by any stretch of the imagination say business is going great guns here BUT I do have four flower essence aromatherapy formulas -- I call them "perfumes" because they smell so good!-- that are doing especially well since the economy started to slide:

Releasing Worry and Fear
-- that one's always been at the top of the list but now it's WAY up at the top. And it's a favorite of mine, too.

Restful Sleep -- another perennial favorite going higher now

Abundant Prosperity -- usually this sells most of all at Christmas, not anymore. It's a true favorite right now.

Trusting Inner Guidance -- this is a nice one but I didn't used to be able to sell it to save my life! I was going to discontinue it but my own inner guidance tugged real hard the day I was going to do it and said "not so fast." The economy started to slide not long after that and this one started to fly off the shelf. Interesting, that.

You can find these formulas on my Mama Love website by clicking the previous links or get them on if that's what you prefer.

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Bellissima said...

Great topic! Stats show that companies selling products that help people feel good about themselves tend to prosper in an unstable economy - yours sound like they're good for the soul! Best of Luck!