Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wish List

A really great RV in excellent running and cosmetic condition, with air conditioning, a generator and maybe even a solar panel for small appliances, etc. Or something better: Private living, traveling and working quarters for a couple of artist/writer/ spiritual counselor and healers that's cool enough or situated in a place cool enough to keep my Mama Love perfume and supplies and ourselves in excellent condition, too. Peaceful, quiet, and easy to be in. On the grid or easily able to generate our own power, and within satellite connection of the internet.

And maybe, our cat Chloe would like it, too.

Something like we imagine or far far better than we could imagine at the present time. Thank you, Amen.


LillyShayStyle said...

Lol, I would love that too! My hubby wants an RV or camper so that we can travel about...It's not going to happen :(

Sheryl Karas said...

Don't say that! Paul and I managed to manifest a tiny camper once before at a really cheap price. It took work to get it ready for the road but it was worth it! And so much fun! Something like that or better would be perfect for us now (with a generator and small air conditioner!)

Almost Precious said...

Would be great for going on the road to all those craft shows and art fairs. Hope your wish comes true.

GreenWorks said...

I'm with Precious on the having an RV for craft fairs etc. What a liofestyle that could be - create then travel combining business with pleasure!
Hope your dream comes true for you too.