Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cows Are Sweet

Now that the height of mating season seems to be past the bulls seem to have settled down and the cows are growing on us. Whole herds turn and stare at us when they see us walking on the road. That used to feel intimidating, and we're still cautious around the bulls, but it seems that we just weren't aware of what cows allowed to run wild consider to be their "personal space."

We used to turn tail and walk briskly in the opposite direction long before we got close enough to find that out. But Paul started to feel frustrated and a little concerned that we were possibly conditioning the animals to be more intimidating than they actually feel. He decided to walk a little closer to see how they would respond. I don't know how to judge distances but I'd guess that at about 30 feet or so away they think we're close enough. They pretty much always nudge their babies out of the road and walk away.

We're starting to enjoy watching the cow families now. They're very sweet with each other. The other day we watched a big bull lead the herd to the closest watering hole we know of while another large bull guarded the rear. We didn't know they were so protective of each other. Most cows we've seen before were contained safely behind a fence and didn't appear to be so concerned.

Molli White, the owner of the store where Paul and I have some of our things for sale, found a large stash of antique photos that had been thrown away. I fell in love with this one because I thought it was so fun that this woman is walking with her cow while wearing a fancy fur coat so she lent me a few of the photos to scan into my computer. I tried an experiment in Photoshop to add a little color and make the subject pop and I'm pretty pleased with how it worked out.

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Kala Pohl Studio said...

What a great photo, I love it:):) I love looking at old photos and imagining the story behind it.