Monday, June 01, 2009

The Livestock is Terrorized by Us?

Today we went for our daily walk and came across a family of cows enjoying a rest together lying in the grass near a stand of Juniper trees. As we came closer they all jumped up, obviously distressed. They all stared in our direction, peering out from behind the trees, and the bulls took up what had only recently looked like a menacing stance. This time, though, we realized they were afraid of us!

We respectfully turned our gaze, not wanting to stare back and frighten them more, while they kept a watchful eye until we were an acceptable distance down the road.


Next we came upon the fenced-in ranch we hate walking by because of the 5 menacing guard dogs that always bark at us through the fence. Both Paul and I were chased and bitten by dogs that had gotten free when we were children. We both have a lot of concern about what we would do if these animals got loose.

Today I greeted the dogs like they were old friends: "Hello sweeties!" I said in my best happy to see you little puppy voice. "Hi dogs! How are you? What good dogs you are! You do such a great job guarding your house. Good doggies!" There were only three today. Two of them stopped barking immediately and started wagging their tails while the third looked confused. We kept up the delighted to see them banter as we walked by and they all relaxed and settled down.



Renee[Q][C] said...

Good tactic! I'm always afraid of the dogs going to. Theres been a lot of large strays recently.

Anonymous said...

Good tactic when confronting fear, both ours and "theirs", in any situation.

Diffuse the energy of situation.