Thursday, June 18, 2009

News from the Cafepress Alert the Press Campaign

I tried to send my press release to a well-known “news” agency called Reuters. I was under the impression that they were similar to the Associated Press, the main news distribution newswire for the nation. Well, maybe they are but a normal person can’t even send them a press release unless it goes through a PR news release service you have to pay for first! Since when did Public Relations become all the news fit to report on? Have you been paying attention to what half the “news” is on any given night on network TV? Mini-ads for businesses thinly disguised as “consumer” reports. We saw several last night. Rather than cover in depth any current event happening anywhere in the world Americans are being brainwashed into having attention for no more than 5 minute news blurbs and the other half of the standard local news report tends to be about what to buy.

I went to school to be a journalist years ago when my professors thought it was an honorable profession. Excuse the rant, but when Microsoft owns NBC and who knows who owns the unbiased can our media be today anyway?

By the way, at least one television network (Fox) has a sweetheart deal with Cafepress for selling T-shirts and other junk related to popular TV shows like American Idol. American Idol...the TV show where an unknown talent hidden in the boondocks could have a chance to become Carrie Underwood and have the recording artist career of their dreams. I wonder how the producers of that show would feel if their program became associated through that arrangement as being in alignment with a company that just took the livelihood and art career of their dreams away from thousands, if not millions, of people? I tried to send them a press release today. Not too easy to do, I couldn't send anything directly to the producers of that show at all. I had to send it to Fox and even that was damn near impossible. To make myself feel better I sent it to the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, The Boston Globe, and the Los Angeles Times instead. Paul just requested NPR and Democracy Now so I sent some to them as well.

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Anne Vis said...

Sad ... It's also tricky, because even negative publicity is publicity and I don't think you really want everyone to know about CP right now ... just that they should not buy from them ...
Have you found a good alternative yet?