Friday, June 05, 2009

Prickly Pears in Bloom

The Prickly Pear cactus burst into bloom this week. The plants are only about 4-5 inches tall-- quite small compared to the Prickly Pears in Santa Cruz -- but that makes the flowers that much more spectacular. We discovered that we had better take pictures real quick though. The rabbits think the flowers are delicious!

Interesting note about these flowers: I've been feeling quite stressed lately, wondering if we should listen to parents about finding paid work doing something we'd hate, being worried about the writing I've been doing and whether I should be concerned about moderating what I say to avoid upsetting the local population, wanting to know what's going to happen and play manifestation games to affect things because I'm afraid of just asking and receiving what I say I want. I was wishing I could change my thought patterns and a vision of this plant (as I photographed it above) came to mind.

I usually follow up on clues like that and discovered that Prickly Pear flower essence, as described by Desert Alchemy, is for surrendering to the flow of life's events and remaining commited to what you know is right. Patterns of imbalance that indicate when Prickly Pear might be appropriate is exactly the set of concerns I described above.

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Anna said...

Wow, how beautiful. I'm always taken aback by the beauty that cactus flowers have.