Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spiritual Counselors Are Different

Some of our best clients think we're psychics. Well, let me tell you what great psychics we are. Want to know why we're not raking in the big bucks? Here's why:

The other day one of our longtime semi-regular clients had a session with us. We spent half the conversation explaining why she shouldn't latch too strongly onto psychic predictions even though that was the reason she called! It was a great session, we were very proud of it, and she was very thankful. But did we "predict the future"? Kind of. But we also said this might be true right now but when/if you make different choices this prediction might not be true next week, it might not be true an hour from now! We also talked about the importance sometimes of going through whatever is happening in one's life, not trying too hard to circumvent things by working at psychic predictions too much, going with your own heart even if it doesn't turn out well, etc., etc.

We spent a lot of time helping her think for herself, empowering her to make her own decisions at her own pace. Like I said, it was a great spiritual counseling session but it wasn't a typical psychic reading which is what she originally said she wanted.

She knows how we operate. We don't think she was a bit surprised. We spend an hour with our clients, sometimes more. A lot of psychic readings are done in 15-20 minutes, maybe 30. Psychic readers at fairs I've been to sometimes have lines of people waiting their turn for 15 minute readings a piece. We need a break and processing time after we finish one.

We also go through periods where we turn potential clients away one after the other. (Ironically, this happens most often when we're worried about money and about not having enough sessions!) We send people to their doctors, mental health clinics, social services. "You don't need a session with us!" we say. "You need to call..." and we send them off. Other psychics and even reputable-seeming healers don't operate like this. For one thing, they don't screen their own calls. They show up and work with whoever shows up. (We're learning to be less worried about this.) There are also people who are more than willing to take a client's money no matter what they show up with.

We had a call not long ago from a person who has a son with a hereditary condition all the men in her family have. They all outgrow it at puberty but she was doing everything she could to "heal" him of this condition beforehand. Numerous so-called healers had been willing to take her money—Reiki practitioners, cranial-sacral practitioners, herbalists, other ones, too. The guidance we received before returning her call is that he was fine, he was right on track for outgrowing it in a couple of years, and that if she wanted to use our guidance to provide emotional support for him during this time we could help. Well, that wasn't good enough—it almost never is. She wanted a "cure" for a condition that wasn't an illness! Lots of parents have called us for problems like that. Only one or two were willing to pay us for our work.

We're obviously needing to shift how we approach this. There are ethics and then there are crazy ethics. Plenty of practitioners refer people to other people and get paid for the time it takes to do that! We're starting to realize we have to be willing to say yes to that, too. But it's been a challenge for us. We don't actually want clients we're not qualified to help showing up at our door. But even for those people the help they need from us is exactly what they receive!
Spiritual Counseling and Healing with Sheryl and Paul.... if we turn you away in 15 minutes, thanks for paying us for that! We'll refund the fee for the rest of the call.

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