Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let's Exchange Links!

One thing I've learned in the last year or two is the importance of community connection on the Internet (and everywhere else). When it comes to building a business, a readership or anything else on the Web it's absolutely essential.

If you like what Paul and I do, Mama Love Perfume, or what we share in our blogs and elsewhere on the web, and think your business or organization might benefit from links on our sites, get in touch with us! Let's do a link exchange. (It's really great for SEO and bringing traffic to us all!)

First visit our Links pages to see what we have in mind:

For Mama Love click here: http://www.healingcommunication.com/mamaloveproducts/Links.html

For Spiritual Counseling and Healing with Paul and Sheryl click here: http://www.healingcommunication.com/links.html

You can choose one of our sites to link to or both. (The more the merrier--we'll link to you both places if you decide to do that, too.)

ETSY PEOPLE, PLEASE NOTE: You don't have to have a website separate from Etsy but you do need someplace to put our links. A blog can work. Let's talk.

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