Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My Declaration of Interdependence

This month’s email newsletter didn’t get sent on time and I haven’t written here in my blog recently either. That’s not to say that nothing has been written. But all the thoughts of this spiritual counselor and healer have been currently focused on political activism and, because I always try to be positive and uplifting, I was starting to feel like members of our list might not want to hear about it. There’s a mistake made in the New Age community that says “Thou shalt not have a single negative thought!” And, to be honest, living one’s life within a negative mindset isn’t the healthiest way to be.

However, without our “negative” thoughts how would we ever identify the things that need to change. “Ow! That fire is hot! That hurts! I feel really negative right now! I think I better turn this stovetop off before I or somebody else gets hurt again.” That’s very very different than reacting to the same life situation and saying “Ow, ow, ow. Life is so hard, there are hot evil things around every corner. Life is horrible, I’ve been hurt and now I’m going to cower in fear before anything red forever more!” We don’t advocate living like that but we do need our temporary negative reactions to help us chart a course. A more positive one, we hope, and that’s the point.

If we don’t dare to acknowledge what causes us pain we don’t tend to do anything to improve our lives. There are many of us who prefer to self-medicate with drinking or drugs, excessive TV, social distractions or even by attempting to use meditation to release our stress so we can go back to doing the same old thing. That doesn’t tend to work very well. People come to us and say they need help to learn to meditate better. Then we find out that their lives are a mess. They don’t need us to teach them meditation. That can help a person get into a more centered place so better decisions can be made, but meditation alone is not enough.

In the world today we are facing an economic crisis the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Great Depression. Supposedly, not as great as that—but we are also facing protracted war in the Middle East, global warming, a healthcare crisis that has already reached critical proportions for large segments of our population, and a myriad of other interconnecting problems from food production to housing and everything a typical family needs to survive. These are not single answer problems and they all line up to point to an even greater issue: how have we been making these decisions in the past few decades? Who has been pulling the strings and why have we let them?

Why are alternative healthcare services maligned and subject to misinformation campaigns in the mainstream media? (Just read a typical article about homeopathy if you don’t agree.) Why have herbs that have been used effectively and inexpensively with only rare side effects been removed from the market (ephedra and sassafras, for example) while pharmaceutical related deaths and illness have reached epidemic proportions? Why do some of the most prosperous nations in the Western world provide free healthcare for their citizens while we’re letting insurance companies run the show in our country? Why are we forcing families to go bankrupt when they are refused insurance payments even after having paid into the system for many years if not decades?

I could go on and on: I used to work in eldercare services. Paul and I have been trying to help people in a field the mainstream has been taught to mistrust, fear or even hate. My credit card company just upped my monthly payments by 150% without even stating a reason for the increase. Barack Obama signed legislation that makes bait and switch tactics in regards to interest rates illegal; but my credit card company got around that by more than doubling the minimum payment instead.

Ow!!! This fire is hot!! I’ve been meditating. I’ve been doing energy healing. I’ve been using my own flower essence aromatherapy perfume. And yes, I actually do feel a little more cheerful. But not just because those stress reduction techniques have been working. I’m writing about it. I’ve written a book. (I’ve written two.) And I’m letting people know about it.

Empowering spiritually-inspired action for the highest benefit of all concerned is as spiritual as it gets.

Think about it.


Montagyoo said...

very well said!

Giftbearer said...

I think it comes down to short-sightedness. If parts of society see money as the only factor in doing business and don't see their connection to their customer they will continue to act in this way.

If however they understand the ripple-effect in every business decision they make and that it's not all about the money, but about real people, things will change for the better.

Things have become too divided these days and many don't recognize that the continuation of the human race depends on its interdependance. We are after all social animals.