Friday, July 17, 2009

Odds and Ends

I haven't written for awhile so I thought I'd update people who check in on Paul and me about what we're doing. The biggest news is that I finished my book. It's written by me with pieces by Paul included and he helped considerably with the editing. I wrote three drafts and we finally got it to something we both feel great about. I sent a query off to my first picks for literary agents and will be going down the list. I've never worked with a literary agent before but I'm quite certain that this book is timely enough and is something a pretty wide-ranging audience might be interested in so it's worth a shot. The large publishers won't even accept submissions except through literary agents. The world has changed immensely since the days I worked in publishing.

In other news, my Reiki Bears are doing more traveling than me. I bought a couple of cartons of teddy bears a year and a half ago and immediately regretted it. Too many bears and they didn't sell at all. So I changed my strategy. I lowered the price and then gave them away with a purchase of $50 or more of my Mama Love perfumes. That actually helped but I don't sell much on the internet. Most of my sales are to retail stores and haven't thought to offer the bears there. Lately Paul and I have been sleeping in the barn to beat the heat and have a bit more privacy and I noticed that the barn has mice. My immediate thought was that I hoped the bears I've been storing there wouldn't get ruined. That day in my email I had an inquiry from someone who wanted to know if I would sell the bears at wholesale. I agreed and let her buy the whole lot. I'm out of the Reiki Bear business, at least for now. It was more important to raise some cash.

Oh yeah, the travel part -- I bought the bears from someone in California who bought a close-out from a manufacturer in China. The person buying them from me is located in Tucson, Arizona and plans to sell them to Japan! Pretty weird.

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Renee[Q][C] said...

HAHA Thats pretty funny about the bears going on a journey.