Saturday, July 11, 2009

Photographer Paul

Paul and I went on a fun day trip today to an area in the White Mountains called Greer. It's a resort community up at 7000 feet and a really really pretty one. Lots of alpine meadows teeming with wildflowers. About 20 degrees cooler than where we live, too! We enjoyed it quite a bit.

Paul has been helping me edit my book and get it ready to be sent to literary agents. I've written a first and second draft and am well on my way into finishing the final version. I think it's pretty good—let's hope a literary agent and a bunch of publishers think so, too. I'd love to see it go up for bid. Which means some kind of event where more than one publisher wants it. That would mean more publicity and a way better deal. (I've never thought this way before—I've always just thought it would be great "just to be published." I'm older and much wiser when it come to book publishing now.)

Paul is hoping for some kind of way to get his publishing career off the ground as well. We're committed to helping each other right now go all the way. Ain't got nothing left to lose here, no point in being timid now!

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