Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bonding with the Maltese

Paul and I met an adorable little dog who looked a lot like this yesterday. He was wandering in the middle of the street in Taylor and acted very happy to meet us. He came right over on his tiny little legs and looked just like a little wind-up toy dog because of it. He was very friendly and sweet and followed us when we walked down the street so we decided to find his owner and bring him home. We didn't think he was supposed to be wandering into traffic and we were right.

Anyway this sweetie just worked his way into my heart. He kept looking up at me and jumping with a look on its face that reminded me of a two-year old who wanted to be picked up. And he did! I bent down, he jumped into my arms, and then immediately settled down and snuggled up. He was adorable!

We ran into a very friendly guy and his kid who had a cell phone. We called the phone number on the dog's rabies tag which turned out to be the number for the police department. We described the dog, gave them the rabies tag number, and the person on the other end said "Is that Stitch?" We didn't know but when I asked the little sweetie if his name was Stitch, he responded with great enthusiasm. This town is so small she knew the dog!

So then the process began of tracking down the owner. Turns out she was out of town-- in California as it turned out--and was quite elderly and a bit confused. It took quite a bit for us to get her to concentrate long enough to tell us where to bring her dog. Her sister was supposed to be watching him but he must have gotten out.

We brought Stitch home. Nobody was there so we put him in the backyard and shut the gate. There had obviously been some food and water left out for him so we knew it was the right place. But Stitch didn't want to go! It was heartbreaking! He wanted to be with us but I couldn't take him. Besides he'd be a coyote snack in two minutes if he got out where we live!

But now I think that someday, I'd like a pet like him. I feel guilty saying it because Chloe is doing her best to relearn how to be a more cuddly cat right now. I never fell in love with such a tiny dog before. But I never met this breed. He was SWEET!


Anonymous said...

He looks a bit like a Coton. Our friend/neighbor raises them. They are great dogs for people with dog allergies. Very cuddley.

Sheryl Karas said...

Great! I think the Maltese and the Coton are related breeds. When the time is right I'll know where to get one!