Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chinese - Mexican Food

I know what you're thinking. If you're not from eastern Arizona, the thought is no-no-no, don't tell me you ate at a restaurant that calls itself a Chinese Mexican restaurant, you didn't, did you? Yeah, we did.

I'm absolutely sick of hamburgers and fries—the main fare around here—and curiosity got the best of me. How bad could it be?

BAD!!! The worst Chinese food I've eaten anywhere! AND the worst Mexican food, too! You would have thought they would have gotten one of them right.

Restaurants here don't serve vegetables. Salad is the only thing that qualifies but sometimes I think a side of nicely cooked vegetables would be just the thing. So we tried the Chinese-Mexican place. I was served a side of brocolli as part of my meal that was perfectly cooked—the only positive thing I can say about the dish—and everything else was awful. I guess you can say I got what I asked for. :-)


Anne Vis said...

Aww ... guess you need to cook for yourself then ... or travel ... ?

Sheryl Karas said...

Pretty much but the upside of that is that it helps us stay on a budget!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Tell me about it! We moved from NYC to AZ in 2003...I'm still hungry! (I kid-I've actually learned to make more ethnic vegetarian dishes that I'd ever dreamed-let me know when you're in the west valley!)