Friday, August 21, 2009

Cow Abuse in Eastern Arizona

I don't have a photograph and I don't know the rancher in charge of these animals but I wish I did so I could expose him. There is now a wonderful looking bull wandering the countryside just outside of Snowflake Arizona with a rag stuck halfway down its throat. It can't cough it up. And now it can't eat or drink either. He's looking miserable, drooling, chewing frantically to try to get rid of the rag and he can't do it. We called animal control and talked to the cowboy in charge of these animals and he just brushed it off. He didn't believe the animal was in danger. "Oh, those cows get into everything!" Well, we're calling again. This animal is dying now because in Arizona free range cows are allowed to run free anywhere they want to go and nobody does anything to protect them or to protect the people whose property they're ruining.

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Anna said...

How heartbreaking. Yet another example where people try to fix what isn't broken, and huge problems arise. This isn't the first story I've heard about the nightmares of free range livestock.