Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Free Range or Just Neglected?

We're not getting much sleep these days. There isn't much green grass for the free-range cattle to eat so they've invaded the backyard and are spending all night attempting to eat anything they can find--including the drapes from the open windows!

We're having a bit of a drought in eastern Arizona. Very little rain, the monsoons everyone promised would make summer "the nicest time of year" haven't shown up. And unlike the owners of the fenced in cows we see closer to town, the rancher in charge of these animals isn't leaving anything for them to eat at all! So much for free range beef being healthier! I'll be thinking twice before believing that bull**** again.

I was very grouchy this morning about the whole thing but Paul makes me laugh. He greeted me this morning with "How did you sleep?" And then proceeded to say "I mean after the herd of cows came through and the cricket stopped chirping, my stepdad stopped shooting into the ground to scare the cows, and mom stopped barking at them and banging pots and pans. Oh yeah, and after the air compressor was turned on by mistake right by your head! How'd you sleep then?"

So much for trying to beat the heat by sleeping in the barn.

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