Saturday, August 08, 2009

New Flower Essence Aromatherapy Body, Bath and Massage Oils

Well, it's taken a good part of a week but I finally have the ability to offer all my Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy oils in an economical 2 oz size appropriate for an after bath body oil, bath oil or massage oil.

I've known for a few years now that my favorite Mama Love perfumes are much more effective when used more liberally than one would normally use an aromatherapy perfume. I already recommend that people use them on specific chakra points. But sometimes I rub "Releasing Worry and Fear" on my shoulders when they're feeling tense and sore and it does wonders! I always have used "Restful Sleep" more liberally than you might think to use it. And there was a time (last winter) when I used "Comfort and Joy" all over my body whenever I got out of the shower--it just felt so good! That's how I use this stuff--why shouldn't you?

Problem was, I thought it would be way too expensive. . . that is until I discovered that the large size bottles cost about the same as the small ones! Can you believe that? Plus, without the intensive packaging I do (by hand) for the perfumes it actually costs me less -- except for the ingredients inside-- to produce the large ones than the small size. So I can offer 2 oz of my Mama Love formulas for $16.

That's a good bargain! Because it's powerful stuff you don't have to slather it on. But now you don't have to be chintzy either. Use it as liberally as you want. It soaks in, the 100% organic jojoba is very good for your skin, and it helps you absorb the healing benefits of the flower essences and essential oils and use them well.

Want more than one? Be sure to check the bottom of the "Mama Love Products" page to get a quantity discount. Want one of each? An order of 12 oils or more qualifies for wholesale pricing--check my wholesale page for full details.


Anne Vis said...

Looks great, Sheryl!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! :)