Friday, August 07, 2009

Oh, the Joys of Living in the Country

We haven't been using the car much lately, working on books, photography and trying to save money. So what happens? A mouse or some other creature crawled up under the hood of our car, made a nest in the ventilation system and died. We got in the car for a short trip today and aaagh! It stunk!

We can't figure out how to get the mouse out. We found some obvious screws that can be undone to get into the ventilation system but the windshield wipers appear to hold part of the covering in place and we're not sure what to do about that yet.

Paul's stepdad was more pragmatic about. "Yup, that happens out here. Leave it alone and it'll just go away in a couple of weeks."

It'll decompose. But meanwhile. . .

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The Holy Bead said...

You're lucky. I've heard stories about people who totally lost their cars after the nest caught fire, etc.

Let us know if you get it out and how! :)