Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dreaming of Poppies and Sunflowers

Local wildflowers are appearing in my dreams. Last night I dreamed about what I thought was a type of sunflower. It was yellow and quite sunflower like but low to the ground. In the dream they were called Desert Poppies and I thought—from a Flower Essence point of view—that they were about achieving life purpose quickly. This is not correct but it's a dream—that's what they meant to me!

Then an old acquaintance who I negatively associate with destructive things said it wasn't a "Desert Poppy" at all. She called it a Desert Mollie (this doesn't really exist) and said it was about achieving life purpose at a slow measured pace. I think the "negative" part is that I HATE going at a slow measured pace (especially these days)! Amusingly, I do know a Desert Mollie. She's a new friend here in Snowflake who would be the first to admit that she doesn't do anything at a slow measured pace! She could probably use a Desert Mollie Flower Essence more than me!

Today Paul and I were traveling home from New Mexico and popped into a really amazing New Mexico Tourist Information center near Gallup that had a very nice bookshop. There was a desert wildflower identification book and I actually found a picture of a Desert Poppy that looked similar to what I saw in my dream. Then I looked up Desert Poppies as a flower essence online. I couldn't find the essence I dreamed of but I did find this flower which was identified as a Prickle Poppy.

The Prickle Poppy grows wild close to the nearest towns to us although I haven't seen any way out in the desert where we live. According to the Desert Alchemy Flower Essence company it is used to help a person get in touch with their natural rhythms and cycles in both an emotional and physical sense. That's actually pretty appropriate for me these days because my monthly cycle has gone a bit crazy and I'm used to it being extremely regular and predictable. According to Desert Alchemy, Prickle Poppy flower essence helps a person let their natural energy to flow freely and releases any tendency towards overworking mentally and physically, especially when it comes to working too hard to control outcomes. This is something I could easily be accused of lately. Prickly Poppy is supposed to help heal this tendency so a person can enjoy the process of growth required by most of us from time to time. Especially in stressful times like most people are experiencing because of the economic climate we live it now, it helps to remember that times are tough all around and it's not our fault on an individual level so much! It's hard to "go with the flow" when the flow seems to be so messed up. But that's the belief system we can't afford to take on. Flowing is happening even when it's taking a route around the rocks and boulders in our way. It's important to give things more time in these circumstances and to relax about the time it seems to take.

I think the Prickly Poppy looks just like the Matilija Poppy or "Fried Egg Flower" that grows wild in parts of Santa Cruz. The only difference I can see is that the local version of these plants have very prickly leaves like a thistle and I don't remember the California version being like that. According to Pegasus Products, the Matilija Poppy Flower Essence is used for physical grace and movement. Maybe it's a similar species?

The plant identified as Prickly Poppy is known locally as Cowboy's Fried Eggs. It's not used medicinally as an herb much in this country but the Aztecs used it extensively in shamanic rituals and to help heal various illnesses. It is believed to have psychoactive and narcotic effects when used in large enough quantities. The Flower Essence, however, (like all Flower Essences) are far too dilute to be considered a narcotic. They work on a more subtle level to encourage a change in mental perspective.

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Alys Milner said...

Amazing how your dream blossomed into writing and research. Such a beautiful flower. I've, always been partial to the war sunny variety, even though my favorite colors are cooler (green, blue and purple).