Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Left, the Right, and the Biggest Smokescreen Ever?

I've been beginning to wonder if the polarizing political gameplaying being perpetrated on our country in the healthcare "debate" isn't just a great excuse to put regulations into place to placate the large pharmaceutical and insurance companies and neglect to put a public option in place that does any good. I'd hate to think that the views expressed in this article are completely true. But I've been doing extensive research into some of the things I've been experiencing lately. Being pushed over the edge into bankruptcy by one of the largest multinational credit companies in the country, JPMorgan Chase, will do that. What I found out about them is astounding!

Not only is JPMorgan Chase worth more than 2.1 trillion dollars and operating in at least 60 countries (they state this on their own homepage) they provide funding and are partially funded by both the oil industry (Exxon Mobil and other well-known brands) and the pharmaceutical industry. Lately they've been creating "Health insurance products" in conjunction with some of the largest health insurance companies in the country (Blue Cross, for example). AND even though all these industries combined would represent THE most profitable commodities on the planet (pharmaceuticals are #3 all by themselves) -- and 2.1 trillion dollars represents enough to fund several small countries -- Chase had the gall and the political power to receive one of the largest federal "bail-outs" in American history!

What's going on here? Isn't it obvious?!

Instead of yelling at each other "across the aisle" we should be banding together to stop these bandits and put real healthcare reforms in place that put the needs of us first! But if we speak up together we CAN make a difference! There will be marches across the nation this weekend demanding true reform with a strong public option to ensure that every person in the nation has real coverage and never has to fear bankruptcy because someone they love (or themselves) gets sick ever again.

I know people on both the right and the left sometimes find these blog posts. Join in! It's time we threw the moneylenders out of the temple.

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Melanie said...

We are very much on the same page on this, but I fear we have a lot of communicating and trust building to do before we can even think about coming together.

Either that, or things have to get so desperate that people see no other way. I'm really hoping to avoid desperate.

Bathgasm said...

Wow. My heart feels the same way about this. It is a terrible, terrible state of affairs and because of all the smoke screens, people have no idea who to back or what is going on. We do need to band together - but it seems that now is a time when people are more divided than ever. It is such a tough situation! :(

Bunnyslippers said...

Participate in the March for Healthcare this Sunday, Sept. 13 in cities across the U.S.