Thursday, September 17, 2009

Madrid, New Mexico

My favorite place Paul and I visited in New Mexico was an old ghost town that has been turned into a thriving and eclectic arts community. It's on Highway 41, the Turquoise Trail, just south of Santa Fe and it's a real kick if you visit from the south coming from Albuquerque. Essentially, you are in the middle of nowhere or so it seems. Lots of relics of old mining activity, run-down shacks, odd living quarters here and there, and then suddenly you are in a hamlet of restored and partially restored old buildings painted in bright colors and filled with galleries, one after the next. We just HAD to stop! It was too much fun! We were on the way to Santa Fe and never made it there. We had to try again the next day. Wonderful art! Fun interesting people to talk to as well. We highly recommend it next time you're in New Mexico.


Anne Vis said...

Great shots! :-)

Broadsnark said...

I am so going there. That's too cool.