Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mama Love Gets Fan Mail

One of my wholesale customers is apparently doing pretty well selling my products in Japan! That was nice to hear. She had a couple of questions though and I thought I'd post the answers here as well:

Q:  About "For Open-Hearted Loving":  Is this for someone who already has a partner/spouse in life? Or, can you go to a party wearing this to attract a number of men/women)? I thought this was for a person with a special someone, but I thought I'd better ask you. Should it be used for special occasions only, not daily?

A:  I would use "Open-Hearted Loving" in situations where you want to feel open and available on the emotional level. It opens the heart and might make a person feel vulnerable in situations where you don't normally. That's why I thought of it for people in a committed relationship but one person I know used it to feel more loving in general. She was very hurt and closed off and wanted to heal that. She used it more than twice a day for awhile and found it very helpful.

Q:  Is "For Attracting a Partner" for a woman with a partner, without one, or both?

A:  "Attracting a Partner" is for helping the person who wears it feel more attractive, confident and open to sharing with other people. You could use it in a relationship or to be in the right frame of mind for attracting one. I tried it once in a dance class and noticed I had more conversations with men and women than I ever had before. No sexual interest -- I was already in a committed relationship and wasn't interested -- but I had a lot more fun and more dance partners, too!


libu said...

I like the thought behind your product. I will keep you in mind and check you out later..

Sheryl Karas said...

Thanks, please do!