Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mama Love News

I've been really busy lately trying to get ready for Christmas sales. I bought a bunch of shipping boxes wholesale and just changed my pricing structure so I can offer FREE SHIPPING to the U.S. and Canada on everything in both my Etsy and Mama Love shops.

My latest listing on Etsy is this: 3 of my organic and Reiki-infused flower essence aromatherapy body, bath or massage oils for $45. That's $6 off my 2 oz. economy sized formulas. Choose any of my Mama Love formulas you want.

You can also, of course, find this offer in my Mama Love shop along with a number of other quantity discounts and wholesale pricing for those of you who can buy in wholesale quantities. (Christmas shopping anyone?)

A Healthy Hopping Rodent Friend

Have you ever seen anything more adorable? I got this photo from Wikipedia. It's a Kangaroo Rat and we have one right now living in the house. It's fairly large and is actually even cuter than this one. A better photo is here at the Desert Museum. And the weird thing is that it does not run like other mice. It hops on its hind legs like a kangaroo.

It's very happy, especially at night, and spends most of its time going from the office where Paul is right now to the bedroom where I am. It will hop right up to us. It hops right up to Chloe, our cat. Sometimes it even bows slightly in our direction before going on its way. But it seems pretty much impossible to catch. Too fast, must be why it's not afraid of us.

We would like to trap it in a live trap and encourage it to live outside again because it's freaking Paul's mom out and gets really noisy rummaging around in Paul's stuff in the bedroom at night. Fortunately for the creature it snowed last night! 3-4 inches and it got really cold so it didn't melt. That means I, for one, can't quite bring myself to force it to live outside right now. I may be outnumbered when it comes to that decision but for now Kanga (yes, we named it) is living the good life inside and has even been given a nice bowl of seeds to eat by Paul's mom who thought that might be a good way to catch it. Uhh... probably not when there are bowls of catfood easily accessible as well.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mama Love is in a New Gallery in Lakeside, AZ

Deb Moseman does wonderful whimsical flowers and other things out of metal that she cuts and welds by hand. Really fun stuff and now she has a gallery featuring her work and the work of 29 other artists. It's called Galleria Eclectica and it's at 1034 Woodland Lake Road in Lakeside, AZ. Paul and I found it by accident when we went up to Woodland Lake for my birthday. We never actually made it to the lake because we found Deb's gallery instead. The gallery itself is really fun and now there's also a small cafe (Cafe Grotto) and a great cozy outdoors sitting area with a fire pit for community gatherings and celebrations. Deb invited both Paul and I to join the gallery and we plan to take advantage. Mama Love is there now and some of Paul's photography and some prints of my own are planned to follow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Revolution IS Being Televised -- (Click here)

I just watched a speech Barack Obama gave to organizers for healthcare reform in NY. It wasn't just about healthcare. It was about everything his administration has accomplished in 9 months. It's only been 9 months! This speech should be on network TV but apparently the revolution might be televised... but only on the internet.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Happy Ending Cannot Come in the Middle of the Story

I was just doing some energy healing work on myself and felt like a significant turning point had come. I asked myself "why haven't I been able to get myself in alignment about this before?" and felt myself drawn to look at a quote Paul's mother has thumbtacked to the wall. We've lived here since December and I have never been curious enough to read it.

The quote said: "the true secret of being a hero lies in knowing the order of things... Things must happen when it is time for them to happen. Quests may not simply be abandoned; prophesies may not be left to rot like unpicked fruit; unicorns may go unrescued for a long time, but not forever. The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story." from The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle

Everyone, Every Creature, Has Value Just Breathing

An old counselor friend of mine from India, who I lost touch with years ago when she moved back, had an enormous impact on the people she worked with when she lived in the United States. Her insight into the U.S. national psyche is that most people she met didn't feel good about themselves. Even worse, this was amplified if they were sick, disabled, unemployed or struggling. She took to asking her clients to lie down while she sat beside them and held their hands. She would tell them to just breathe and when they would protest that they weren't getting "enough work done" in their session with her she'd tell them to think of themselves as a young infant -- a newborn, unable to move or talk, or even lift their own head. And she would say

"Did your mama love you any less for that? No! She was so excited to have you, to welcome you into her life, to just hold you and look at you and smell you! She saw you as a perfect miracle when you were just born and unable to do anything but lie there, breathing. And she was thankful for that."

"Just breathe. You are of value to the world just being here. You are a miracle. You are loveable. You are welcome on this planet. You belong."

"Think of yourself as that little newborn. You are still that same child. And nothing changes that except what you have been taught to believe."

In this video is a graphic example of how valuable a being can be just lying there breathing. It's a tribute to Baxter, a dog who brought joy and comfort to people at the end of their lives even though he couldn't do anything anymore himself but lie in their beds, be held by them and lick their faces.

He died on Friday, October 16, on my birthday. I didn't know him personally but I know he is deeply missed.

The President's Message for Diwali

This past weekend marked the celebration of Diwali, an important festival in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism, and an official holiday in India and Nepal. It's known as the "Festival of Lights" and celebrates the triumph of good over evil and in particular the awareness of one's inner light. Here is the president's Diwali message. Why did Obama deserve to win recognition from the granters of the Nobel Peace Prize? Choosing to do a respectful and educational address that shifts the discussion from conservative one-religion dominated rhetoric to a message of reaching past presumed differences to create pathways of understanding and commonality across the globe is a big piece of it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dare Change

I hope this link works. It's a really great and inspirational video! Not on Youtube so I couldn't figure out how to embed it here but it is REALLY worth clicking on the link to check it out!

Beware of this Request for Free Samples Scam

Requests for free samples are pretty common with legitimate companies wanting to buy things at wholesale - especially for something like perfume which they might want a chance to smell first. But here's something to watch out for. My dad was a manufacturer's representative so when I saw this email I knew something was wrong.

The email said


I represent 12 health/nutrition centers, as well as 6 grocers, and am currently looking for healthy foods, snack items, and beverages for these concerns. Your business was recommended to us by another distributor, who had good things to say about your product lines.

I have written to inquire about what I need to do to acquire product samples for my clients to evaluate. It is much easier to get a firm decision from my clients, when they have something in front of them.

Please, get back to us, soon."

He included the name of a business (Creative Foods) which I could not find on the internet, an address which turned out to be a 200 sq foot structure (a garage?) in Seattle, and a Seattle phone number connected with several scammy businesses. One was supposedly a business selling "close-outs" to China and other places.

Close-outs, for those who don't know, are usually items bought at a steep discount from companies going out of business, seconds, or discontinued items. They can also be FREE SAMPLES that are then resold. Selling off legitimately gotten free samples which weren't able to be sold is acceptable. Soliciting free samples to sell yourself is fraud!

How did I know this was a scam?

Representatives don't represent stores! They represent you. Reps sell to stores. Store managers and buyers don't need reps. So many people are trying to sell things to retail stores there's no reason to hire outside help (at what would be a ridiculous expense) to do what a store owner might typically ENJOY doing themselves.

Also, get this! After a couple of email exchanges back and forth I finally suggested that if this person was really a distributor that he send me a list of who else he represents and what stores, what his terms are, etc. (all the things a real distributor would provide). Then I said that if he was pulling a scam that he'd better get better at it before proceeding any further!

He sent an email back saying he was not actually a distributor and to disregard the previous email! This is in print with an email address, a street address and a phone number!

I sent it all to the Seattle Police Department. I hope they have enough information to follow through.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


People in this part of the country never got over this period in our nation's history. I always just took it for granted that it was a necessary step. Even joyous.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Cows are Gone

We saw cowboys on horseback rounding up the cows that run wild out here. We didn't see it but we understand that they load them onto cattle cars and they all cry. Glad we didn't see or hear that. Now there are no cows to see on our walks and... we miss them. We did, however, get to see a herd of antelope today and a large healthy looking coyote with a big bushy tail. We also get to see lots of horses grazing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Aspen Impressions Digital Mixed Media Painting

I just uploaded this piece to my Imagekind Gallery. It's a digitally done painting using one of my original photographs as a base. Some people think of this kind of work as "photo manipulation." But I've added so much hand work that I think of it as a hybrid thing that uses Photoshop like a type of paint box rather than as the sole technique.

Friday, October 09, 2009

My Customers Must Be Psychic!

Here's a weird thing. I'm in the middle of lowering my prices for quantity discounts. I sell my individual flower essence aromatherapy perfumes for $12.99. I now sell 5 of those for $50 (a savings of $14.95 - more than 1 perfume for free!) ...Well, I wasn't finished doing that and someone already bought one! I still don't have my Mama Love website updated yet but you can see what the deal is on Etsy by clicking here.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Aspens in Late Autumn

All the leaves were turning brown by the time we got to see the local aspen trees. Apparently Autumn lasts all of two weeks! I like the trees, though, anyway so I made a digital painting from one of the photos I took. You can find a larger version to view and for sale in my Imagekind gallery.

When Positive Intent is Misunderstood

Disappointingly, for the third time this year, a potential customer is balking at buying one of my best-selling and most potent and useful flower essence aromatherapy oils because they missed the intent of its name. They think I'm selling a formula called "For Troubled Times" (which sounds like I'm peddling a formula for increasing your trouble) when I intended the oil to be known as "Mama Love for Troubled Times" (which obviously has a much more positive connotation).

Sigh. Mama Love for Troubled Times is the original formula that launched my career as a flower essence aromatherapy product designer. It makes a person feel comforted as if they were being held securely in their loving mama's arms. That's the intent behind the formula and the name. But, oops, when I later added several other oils to my line I needed a name for my business. I thought "Mama Love for this" and "Mama Love for that" worked well so I called my business "Mama Love".

Well now everyone skips right over the Mama Love part of my product names and misses the original intent!

I know I will eventually change the name to Mama Love Support for Troubled Times but until I have the money to redo my packaging this blog explanation will have to suffice. You can buy it on my website or by clicking one of the Paypal buttons below:

1 Dram Oil

1 oz. oil

2 oz. Oil

1 oz. Spray

2 oz. Spray

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Need to Bring Soul Into the World

I just got this quote in my email. I like it a lot.

"We live in a culture that is greatly biased against the imagination, because our culture is very materialistic, objective and literal. Our culture lacks soul, and doesn’t know it, although it experiences the consequences. When you don’t know what’s missing, then of course you don’t know what to bring in, even though you feel something is missing."

“We live in a world that needs more soul, more meaning. We, as conscious beings, have, as our primary responsibility, at this time in human history, the task of bringing soul into the world, or releasing soul into the world. We do this, first of all, in ourselves and in our own personal world; then we do it in our groups – including family; then we do it in our society through our work, relationships and presence there.”

-- Andrew Schneider

The October Newsletter is Online

Check it out at .


Apologizing for the Death of More than 43,000 People

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Autumn in the White Mountains -- The Painting

I'm not happy with how the color of this is showing up on the blog. Please click this link to view it in my Imagekind Gallery instead.

I am happy, however, with how this image came out overall. It was great fun to use a photo I took of aspen, oak and pine trees in the White Mountains yesterday and turn it into a digital painting. Used up ALL the extra space I had on my hard drive, though. I'm going to have to figure out how to upgrade the software and migrate some of my files over to another machine I have. Using the graphics tablet that comes with that other computer would have made this a lot easier to do, too, so I'm a lot more motivated now to figure that out.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Take Your Best Shot!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Autumn Leaves Abstract

I'd like to use these photos to create paintings on canvas sometime but for now I'm putting the photos up. These were surprising to me. Some trick of the light (twilight filtered through the trees) and camera settings brought the color out in a dramatic way.

We drove up to Pinetop today in search of aspen trees. We didn't see any. We'll have to go up again later in the week and drive to a higher elevation, perhaps near Greer. These are oak leaves and it's a little disappointing. Fall really just arrived and it seemed like the temperature changed dramatically overnight. Just 2-3 weeks ago everything was green. Now the oak leaves are already getting brown and we only saw the color change this week.

Divine Plan, Divine Play or Natural Selection?

The birds out here in the Arizona desert are suicidal. There's a huge expanse of desert to fly in unobstructed and lots of room to maneuver and move but when the birds here get startled along the side of the road it seems like they invariably fly right in front of the car instead of the other way around. We usually don't hit them -- maybe they're just daredevils -- but the other day we did. The bird hit the windshield dead in the center while we were going 50 miles an hour. Splat! Feathers everywhere. We were quite upset and a much earlier me would have wailed about the insensitivity of the modern world and that such thing.

Not anymore. When you live somewhere with tarantulas and tarantula hawks you start to wonder about man's insensitivity to nature and whether nature has any true human-like sensitivity to itself. I can't bear to report on what tarantula hawks do to tarantulas. You will have to satisfy your own curiosity but, suffice it to say, that Stephen King could not have invented a more horrifying scenario.

Last night we watched an especially funny version of "The Colbert Report" and got a kick out of Stephen Colbert challenging a well-known Darwinian scientist in a duel of brain and wit. Colbert was making the case for God and a divine plan while the scientist, understandably, was arguing for Darwin's theory of evolution of random traits and the survival of the fittest.

Paul and I think it could be both. As Paul puts it, a zebra is essentially a horse with stripes. Why stripes? And don't say it's better camouflage. Why don't horses have stripes? They have predators like mountain lions in their natural habitats, too. And why have so much diversity in animal and plant life? What is the purpose of a parrot's brightly colored plumage? Camouflage? Why do hummingbirds have red throats? Why do tigers have stripes and leopards spots? Why do lions who live in similar environments have few such distinctive markings at all? To Paul it looks like some divine being is having fun!

It may not all be divinely planned. Some of nature's experiments don't appear to work out very long. Survival of the fittest does appear to play a part. And I'd have a hard time saying that evolution doesn't exist. And yet it reminds me of the old nature vs nurture debate that has raged on for years within behavioral psychology circles. Who says it can't or shouldn't be both?