Wednesday, October 07, 2009

When Positive Intent is Misunderstood

Disappointingly, for the third time this year, a potential customer is balking at buying one of my best-selling and most potent and useful flower essence aromatherapy oils because they missed the intent of its name. They think I'm selling a formula called "For Troubled Times" (which sounds like I'm peddling a formula for increasing your trouble) when I intended the oil to be known as "Mama Love for Troubled Times" (which obviously has a much more positive connotation).

Sigh. Mama Love for Troubled Times is the original formula that launched my career as a flower essence aromatherapy product designer. It makes a person feel comforted as if they were being held securely in their loving mama's arms. That's the intent behind the formula and the name. But, oops, when I later added several other oils to my line I needed a name for my business. I thought "Mama Love for this" and "Mama Love for that" worked well so I called my business "Mama Love".

Well now everyone skips right over the Mama Love part of my product names and misses the original intent!

I know I will eventually change the name to Mama Love Support for Troubled Times but until I have the money to redo my packaging this blog explanation will have to suffice. You can buy it on my website or by clicking one of the Paypal buttons below:

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