Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy Life

I've been neglecting my blog and I don't see much end in sight. Way too much to occupy my time. First I've been writing to literary agents and a couple of publishers. Not much to report on that front. I'm collecting rejection notices. A couple were NOT form letters and said really encouraging things about my work. The consensus so far is that it "certainly is an interesting read but..." Then they usually say something about it being "hard to sell memoirs" or they "don't know about the blogging angle" even though memoirs are hot right now and books made from blogs are definitely starting to capture the public's attention. But most have been encouraging about trying other agents who might have more of an in with publishers doing that kind of stuff. Not every agent is a great fit for every genre. I haven't given up but it takes a lot of time to research every agent, find out what they do right now (or what they said they wanted the last time they updated their websites which may or may not be true now), and to customize my stock query letter/book proposal to sound "personal" and fit their requirements.

I've also decided to add writing directly to like-minded authors as well. It seems that the practice of getting author endorsements for the back and front cover (the publishing industry calls them "blurbs") is now best done while you're still looking for a publisher. In fact, a good word from a popular celebrity can make the difference between a book being sold to the publishing industry or not even looked at at all. Sigh. Just what I love to do-- knock on the doors of very busy people I don't even know and ask them to write something about my book. I've followed through and sent letters to a half a dozen or so. I have a couple more to write to now.

Then there's Mama Love and the art and photography businesses. There was a nice uptick in sales a couple of weeks ago as most of my retail stores got their displays fully stocked in time for Christmas shopping season. Then Paul and I put a fair bit of research into what people sell their art prints and related products for on Etsy. We've been putting some time into getting that shop ready but there have been a lot of false starts. I could write an entire blog about "Art Glass Tile Pendants" alone. Probably will. Paul spent several hours today photographing and then Photoshopping the 21 pendants we made this week. Jewelry made from our photography. They're gorgeous really.... but don't ask about how much time they take. There's something missing in a lot of the work we seem to get enthralled with. The ability to charge enough for these items to make it worthwhile! But we invested the time and materials. Now we have them so it would be crazy to not put them out for sale. That will happen this week. The photo on this blog is a sneak preview.

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