Thursday, November 12, 2009

Has the Public's Focus Been Shifting?

I've been thinking quite frequently this year that sales of my flower essence aromatherapy perfume appear to be following the public's changing mood. Each of my perfumes are named for a particular healing quality or purpose. So earlier this year, during the very height of hysteria over the crashed economy, my best-selling perfumes were "Releasing Worry and Fear", "Mama Love for Troubled Times", "Abundant Prosperity" and "Trusting Inner Guidance." "I want help and I need it now!" -- that's the message I seemed to receive.

Then things went dead for awhile but now that Christmas shopping season has arrived my wholesale accounts (retail stores) all have come back to life. What do they want now? "Manifesting Life Purpose."

I find this interesting because traditionally this is not the time of year that perfume sells the most. January -- New Year's Resolution time -- is when that one usually flies off the shelves. But this year, all my stores have been selling out and want more now.

It makes me think that people are starting to think more clearly. What do they really want and what does it take to get it?


Caroline said...

That's an interesting thought to ponder... I've yet to look at patterns in my sales, but I probably should. Might give me an idea of what to try next!

Broadsnark said...

Kind of goes with that recent article about people who have gotten laid off and then took a chance and did something completely different and amazing. Lets hope lots of people get inspired and figure out how to escape the drudgery.

Anne Vis said...

Great observation and beautiful development!