Monday, December 07, 2009

Flower Essence Aromatherapy Gifts for the Creative Soul

I've been spending some time replenishing my best selling flower essence aromatherapy perfumes and it occurred to me that the ones I did today would be perfect for artists, writers and other people wanting to do more, perhaps make a living, with their creative work.

The first was one that I used to call "Creative Focus". It's called "Focused Attention" now. I made it when I got stuck on a section of a book I was writing and found it hard to concentrate. It's designed to stimulate the senses, focus your attention, synthesize new ideas and put them into action. And, with Cinnamon and Vanilla in it, it smells really good, like a cup of chai. Appropriate for men as well as women, the key ingredients are Rosemary, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Vetiver essential oils and the flower essences Madia, Peppermint, Shasta Daisy and Blackberry.

The next I think any creative person would appreciate is "Manifesting Life Purpose". Another unisex scent, it combines Clary Sage, Jasmine, Bergamot, Vetiver and Neroli for expanded awareness, clarity and upliftment, to stimulate the imagination and vitalize the spirit, for determination to hold to one's ideals, and confidence in taking initiative. I added Wild Oat, Blackberry, Madia, Lady's Slipper and Sunflower flower essences as well. They help one recognize and hold to their life purpose, take the initiative to act on their ideas, have more disciplined focus, and be more confident in expressing their true hearts in order to integrate spiritual purpose with daily work.

The third I'd include in this set is "Doing New Things with Confidence." Rosewood and Lavender help with emotional balance and the flower essences of Corn, Chaste Tree, Larkspur, Red Clover and Zinnia help a person feel more grounded and calm, more at ease when handling changes, enthusiastically prepared to tackle new challenges, and more inclined towards having an attitude of fun and adventure.

That last one is probably more applicable to women than men but if there's a man on your list you're thinking of these for you might want to consider "Abundant Prosperity" as well. That's a citrusy unisex scent that features the essential oils of Lemon and Vetiver and flower essences of Zinnia, California Peony, Iris and Madia. It is designed to help move stuck energy and cultivate feelings of well-being, light-heartedness, creative inspiration, and the courage and disciplined focus to follow one's heart.

Choose any three of these to create your own three-perfume gift set and save some money. Buy all four and save a little more. Buy them now on my website or on Etsy. com.

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