Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mama Love Is Featured in a Blog

Svet is an Etsy shopkeeper who does tarot readings and makes really cute knitted tarot deck bags. I loved her code of ethics which you can read on her Etsy profile. Paul and I don't do tarot readings but in our work as spiritual counselors similar issues come up. I think a code of ethics like Svet includes is a really important thing. It shows that she takes her work seriously and wants to be in integrity as much as possible.

Svet recently looked me up and asked to do a profile about me and Mama Love on her blog. I thought that was a sweet thing. You can read her interview with me by clicking here. The photo on this blog is of one of her knitted tarot bags. I like the Diamond shaped design on the front. You can find it for sale by clicking here.

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