Monday, December 21, 2009

The Story Behind Our Most Popular Pendant (So Far)

Stuck way out in the desert sometimes we used to lack for artistic inspiration. Nothing but Juniper trees, dried out desert grass, and only the occasional tiny cactus or Yucca. I started taking macro photographs (extreme close-ups) of these things. Why not? What else was I going to do? I talk about this in several previous blogs (see below) and came up with some pretty interesting stuff.

But then I started improvising with that: putting the images into Photoshop, tweaking with the color balance, adding filters, transferring that image in Corel Painter to add realistic brush strokes, that kind of thing. I came up with several Yucca "paintings" I liked very much. Really cool abstracts in pretty pastels. Then Paul said "Let me show you how to adjust something or another (I forgot what) on that" and reached over and hit the wrong key on my computer by mistake. The colors inverted and we both went "WOW!" That was our favorite one and now it and close-up details of that design are our most popular designs.

If they are not currently sold out you might be able to find them in our brand new Etsy shop. You can find Macro Grass (see links below) pendants as well.

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Macro Grass
More Macro Grass
Abstract Yucca

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Beautiful, just beautiful!