Saturday, December 05, 2009

Support for a Broken Heart, Healing for a Troubled Soul

Do you know someone going through a hard time this holiday season? It's not unusual for there to be a recent death or a serious illness marring the holiday spirit. Perhaps the memory of the death of close loved one lingers on. The season of peace and love and joy and thanksgiving can be particularly brutal on someone going through something like this.

I just made a new batch of my Mama Love for Troubled Times formula and have recently replenished my supplies of Releasing Worry and Fear and Restful Sleep formulas. They're available individually both on Etsy and on my own website. You can also save money by buying them prepackaged as a three-perfume set in a nice see-through top gift box on Etsy or on my own website as well.

Healing Support 3-Perfume Gift Set on Etsy

Find this one and a number of other gift set choices on Etsy by clicking here or by visiting my Mama Love Products site here.

I have a little Renewed Faith and Optimism to offer as well!

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