Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Changes In the Making

Paul and I are overhauling our website and working on ways to help people find us better. I changed our spiritual counseling and healing homepage tonight. We've simplified things and I feel like the page reflects how we've grown.

One addition we made is to make it clear that sessions with us include individualized instruction. We've been asked to "teach" so many times by our clients  that we've lost track... but we DO teach! The request ALWAYS comes in the context of them being grateful for something we taught them in the course of the session. But the odd thing is that we never have actually advertised that that's what people might expect in a session from us before. It's always perceived by our clients as an "added bonus" that they just happened to be lucky enough to get. In reality, it's pretty much a regular occurrence.  So now we're saying so.

Such an unbelievably simple thing -- the addition of two words ("individualized teaching"). You'd have thought we would have thought to say it before. Oh well. A lot more changes are yet to come.

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