Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Uses For Old Formulas

I used to call my "Inner Strength and Protection" formula "Balanced Caregiving." That particular flower essence aromatherapy perfume came out of my work as a family caregiving consultant for the Alzheimer's Association. When a person gets too caught up in taking care of someone who is demented and untrustworthy it doesn't take long before all their thoughts start to revolve around this other person. I would ask my clients how they were and they would tell me the condition of their patient. It would often take several askings before they could remember how THEY were and tell me that, too. This was the NORM, by the way, and not the situation with one or two. I developed "Inner Strength and Protection" to help people remain loving and kind and yet able to be clear-headed, grounded and firm in their own boundaries.

More recently I have discovered another, more important, use for this same formula. Do you have someone in your life who loves you and means well but is so intent on changing you, fixing you, telling you what to do that you're constantly needing to clear their influence out of your way simply to think your own thoughts? You know! Mom? Dad? Your lover, spouse or best friend? Maybe the office know-it-all or even your boss? A respected mentor or even a well-meaning guru can be just as harmful if your inner being is saying "zig" and they are constantly saying to "zag." This is a challenging situation but it is ESPECIALLY difficult when it's someone you care about and depend on in various ways.

But if you're going to be able to trust the integrity of your own inner guidance you HAVE to be able to let go of this influence... at least long enough to hear your own! You need to be able to evaluate what parts of what they are saying DO resonate with your own needs and desires and where they veer sharply to the left or right.

That's where flower essence aromatherapy comes in. Yarrow is a powerful healer in this regard and I use it in both flower essence and essential oil form in my "Inner Strength and Protection" formula. Roman soldiers used to carry sprigs of Yarrow with them into battle. In herbalism it's used to staunch wounds. In flower essence therapy it's used to tighten up the integrity of the aura -- the energy field that surrounds us as individuals. It staunches psychic wounding especially when it comes from outside influences that chip away at our defenses.

Use it two-three times a day for at least a week and see how it makes you feel.

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