Monday, January 11, 2010

United Aromatherapy Effort

"Peace and Goodwill" and "Renewed Faith and Optimism" are now on their way to serve the female members of our armed forces. Apparently an earlier shipment of aromatherapy products were GREATLY appreciated! So Mama Love has joined the effort.

The United Aromatherapy Effort was established just after 9-11 to help buoy the spirits of relief workers in the area. It was a success so now similar efforts are being made in disaster areas and war zones many place in the world. In Afghanistan, where some Mama Love products are going now, the women in combat were very excited. They're under A LOT of stress, their barracks stink, and the environment they live in is polluted. Smelling something besides the Pine-sol they use to disinfect the place was a relief.

If you'd like to participate, too, visit

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BaldyLocks said...

That's amazing. I wish your amazing project lots of good luck :)