Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's New?

Wow, I let this blog go a whole week! That's because I've been busy!

Top of my agenda these days is getting a book published. I got so discouraged getting "rejection" slips from agents that I decided to find another way. Why do I put "rejection" in quotes? Because they're not really rejecting me—they're afraid to promote anything that doesn't come from a well-known author with a strong wide platform to stand on. So I've been attempting to get well-known authors to create one for me. Scary thing to try to do: ask total strangers -- celebrity strangers -- to read all or part of my book and send me an endorsement! But then... what exactly IS so hard? So what if they're too busy to follow through? There's a lot of them out there! It's just a matter of connecting with those who will.

Of course, that's NOT how it felt earlier in the month before both Paul and I got sick! But in the last few days I have sent emails to 15 or so people. I got 5 emails back right away. 4 of those said to send materials either by email or snail. All of them were very nice. And one -- Larry Dossey MD -- already sent a wonderful endorsement back. My first one and that feels sweet!

On the home in the desert front, we have finally gotten our first spiritual counseling appointment with an in-person client since moving out here. ALL the rest have been long distance. We're going to meet with them later this week.

And even closer to home still, the household has been sick with some flu bug going around. H1N1? I doubt it but at least one person here wants to believe in it. Two members of the house got pretty sick and have been battling it for a few weeks now. Two of us had a mild case for a day or two and if we take care of ourselves are likely to be okay. It's hard to know how much state of mind and/or heredity has to do with it. The two hardest hit were the two most closely related.

One last thing for now: We have 42 art pendants in our new Etsy shop right now and I plan to put new ones up several times a week. The pendant on this post is our newest one. You can click on the photo or right here to learn more about it (if it's not sold already!).


Jennifer said...

Oh, this one is SOOOOO MINE! Beautiful!

Just bought it... couldn't even help myself... I had to! :)

Sheryl Karas said...

Thank you Jennifer! We'll get this packaged up right away! Enjoy!