Friday, February 12, 2010

Everyday Miracles and Manifesting a Truck

Because there is a situation Paul and I long for and, because we don't have a conventional roadmap to follow that applies to who we are in the present day, I have recently been rereading a favorite book. It's called Everyday Miracles: The Inner Art of Manifestation by David Spangler.

As he was one of the early co-directors of the Findhorn Foundation I've always figured that if anyone knows a thing or two about manifestation it's David Spangler! After all, the Findhorn people were able to take a desolate piece of practically desert land in the north of Scotland and turn it, first, into a small community with one of the most famous gardens in the world, then, into a beautiful thriving spiritual education center with wonderful workshops and, now, into the same thing with an expanded focus on learning and teaching practical and sustainable green living practices intended to help anyone who needs it around the world. This was done, originally, by a tiny family unit and their closest friend living in a small travel trailer (in Scotland they call them "caravans") and almost no money. If they could create the masterpiece that place turned out to be starting with nothing more than the ability to listen to inner guidance, follow their hearts, and manifest the help they needed every time they needed it....well, certainly there's hope for Paul and me!

In David Spangler's book he talks about the supreme importance of first believing in possibility. This is not the same thing as rigidly enforced "positive thinking". You know the rhetoric: "you can't afford a single negative thought!" David Spangler says the opposite. While a positive point of view is essential, you can afford to have those important doubts and fears and negative thoughts. They help you identify what needs to be addressed to manifest what you need properly! And you don't have to believe in miracles either. You just need to believe in the possibility that the way through your difficulties can be achieved whether or not you can see the way today!

Let's give an example. Just this week Paul's mom and stepdad Frank manifested a brand new (to them) truck in great shape and with all the bells and whistles for under $700. It's a Ford Ranger with about 130,000 miles on it, fully gone over and fixed up, sold by a reputable dealer in the local area. How did this come about?

Frank got into a car accident. We live 5 miles down a dirt road that gets terribly muddy in the rain and someone was coming too fast in the opposite direction. He pulled over to the side of the road and stopped to get out of the way but the other car skidded across the road and slammed into him head on. Luckily no one was hurt! But Frank's truck was totaled.

Now here's the fun part. The old truck was on its last legs. It had more than 250,000 miles on it, the doors no longer opened properly, it needed new brakes, and everyone was just hoping it would keep on going long enough for the money to be obtained to fix it up.  The Blue Book value of the truck was no more than $2000 so no one expected that the insurance company would give them much but that's not what happened. State Farm had them take the vehicle to a body shop for an estimate of repairs. That came to $4700 and they received a check for $4450 (the cost of repairs minus the deductible). Woo-hoo!

But that's not all. Paul's parents took that check to the local dealer and said "We have $4000 to spend and we can pay you cash! Do you have any truck on this lot that you can sell us for that price, tax and fees included, out the door?"

Three hours later they had negotiated a deal for a truck that was sitting right in front with a big sign saying it cost "only $8000" on it. The dealer took the old beater truck as a trade-in for $500 and step-by-step eventually found a way to get the price down to only $700 more than what the parents wanted to pay. Then they made in-house arrangements for monthly payments to take care of that. Done!

Paul checked out the truck and then looked up the Blue Book value online. It not only looked like a good deal on the outside, it was a great one!

So there you have the manifestation of a "miracle." It's a world of amazing possibility and sometimes all you really need is to watch it happen!

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