Monday, February 22, 2010

Fight for the Public Option

I'm sorry but as much as I think it would be preferable to have a bipartisan approach to creating real healthcare reform, the current Congress has proven that that's not something they're capable of doing. As soon as the public option was taken off the table I, along with MOST Americans, gave up. You don't negotiate with terrorists! And that's what the nay-saying Republican stonewalling has become. I say let's stop it now!

CREDO is circulating this petition to get the public option passed without Republican approval. If you agree that it really IS time for a change let's send that message to Congress and the president we elected to pass that change together. Without our action nothing can and will be done. President Obama and most of Congress have already given up on the ability to pass a public option but momentum is building to shift that perception. 119 House Democrats and 20 Senators have already been convinced through earlier CREDO petitions to push a public option through over Republican heads. With enough public outcry the rest of the Senate and House may come on board. They'll have no choice if they want to be re-elected in November.

Send a message to your congressmen and women today!

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