Monday, March 15, 2010

Truth, Justice and Where's the American Way?

In my last blog I wrote about Fox News and how they continually distort the news or allow their political commentators to spout lies that purport to be the truth. Night after night, day after day, someone on the Fox News channel will say something Orwell would have been screaming about.

Today I came upon this CNN news article about Glen Beck calling for people to leave their churches if they talk about economic or social justice. What? Jesus was a reformer. There are very few churches in the world that are not about social justice. When did "justice" get to be a dirty word?

Before the last election we saw members of the Glen Beck, i.e. Republican, underground post numerous videos on Youtube and in emails to their constituents portraying Obama as Hitler and comparing the rise of the Democratic party supporting him as members of the Third Reich. The Democratic party. The other half of our Democratic system of government's two-party system. What's Fascism really about? We're looking at it.

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