Monday, April 26, 2010

Arizona -- The State of Paranoia

So many reasons to be horrified about living even temporarily in Arizona this week. It's hard to decide if the biggest reason is the new immigration law requiring police officers to demand proof of citizenship if you don't look like a U.S. citizen (see the horror video below about what happened to this dark-skinned U.S. born Mexican-American in Arizona already!). Or how about the fact that they just legalized carrying concealed weapons for everyone without a permit. But I think the biggest insult is attempting (and so far expecting) to pass a new law requiring anyone running for president of the United States to prove to the state of Arizona that they have a U.S. birth certificate! The so-called "Birther" law makes me feel like the Republicans in this state are courting the "moron" vote because who else would try to create a law like this? Yeah, I know this spiritual counselor and healer is supposed to be all sweetness and light all the time but enough is enough.

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