Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Desert Rhapsody Revisited

Last summer Paul and I spent a fair bit of time photographing the local landscape. I happened to find this quite challenging as, even though it is very peaceful here and beautiful in a quiet way, the landscape is not striking in the way that Sedona or Big Sur might be. It's a subtle beauty, easy to miss if you're not willing to sit quietly and soak it up.

One of the least inspiring and yet pervasive features of this environment is the dried out yellow clumps of desert grass. But, nonetheless, I was determined and headed out one day with my camera and a macro lens to get a closer view. Unfortunately, it was also a very windy day and getting a clean shot even if I had had a tripod would have been impossible. So instead I got some truly amazing looking abstracts. One of my favorites got used in some jewelery Paul and I made. You can buy it through our Etsy shop by clicking here. Or see the original, which is available as a framed or unframed print, in my earlier blog post from last summer.

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Anne Vis said...

Beautiful work, Sheryl!