Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Mama Love is committed to the health of the planet and will not knowingly use GMO (genetically-modified) or synthetic ingredients in my perfume, massage or bath oil at any time. 95% or more of the ingredients in Mama Love products are certified organic which means they were grown and packaged without chemical pesticides, fertilizers or preservatives. Half of them are 100% organic. And since I'm using FES/Healing Herbs as my exclusive source for flower essences, I know the essences I'm using are ethically wildcrafted or Biodynamically farmed with the highest degree of integrity possible.

Why aren't all my products 100% organic?
Truth in advertising: the Rose and Jasmine Absolute and Vanilla I use in some formulas claim they are certified organic but I don't label the products I make with those ingredients that way because the method of extraction used leaves a trace of synthetic solvent behind. I'm looking into alternatives but haven't found any I like yet in my price range.

Are all aromatherapy products organic?
No, not usually. Even those that say they are "100% Natural" or "Pure" can't be called "Organic" unless 95% of their ingredients were grown and processed without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Trust me-- people who put in the effort and expense to produce organically grown products want you to know. If the product contains organic ingredients the label will say so. But, remember, even products labeled "organic" can legally contain some synthetic ingredients. If you want 100% organic make sure the label says so as well.

Are organic products better for you?
They're healthier for the planet! And that makes them healthier for everybody.

What does "wildcrafted" mean?
The ingredient was gathered in the wild rather than grown on a farm. It's important that those who import or do the gathering do so with the strictest integrity because some native plants, especially those used for essential oil production, are becoming scarce. Mama Love makes every effort to track down companies who make a commitment to "ethical wildcrafting." FES, the flower essence manufacturer I work with, is a great example. I accompanied them on a wildflower gathering excursion and was impressed with the pains they took to scout out and only gather where the flowers grew in abundance and their policy of always leaving more than enough flowers behind to ensure the perpetuation of the species in those locations. The essential oil importer I work with feels the same way and sells Rosewood made from branches and twigs rather than dealing with those who would otherwise cut down whole stands of this species in the wild.

What does "Biodynamically-farmed" mean?
FES grows many of the flowers they use in their products on their certified organic Biodynamic farm.  Biodynamic farming follows the principles of organic farming and takes it further to include improving the actual health of the environment in which the crops are grown. It's based on the work of Rudolph Steiner. Want to know more? Read all about it at the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association.

What's wrong with GMO ingredients?
Don't get me started! There may very well be benefits to be had from the very careful and responsible use of certain GMO food crops, however, the abuse in this burgeoning business is rampant and highly unregulated. This is such a huge topic whole websites and watchdog agencies have been created to deal with it. Here a few resources to help you learn more:

Center for Food Safety

The Organic Consumers Association's Genetically Engineered Food Page

Video: The World According to Monsanto
(This link takes you to part 1 of 8 parts, check the sidebar on that page to find the rest)

Where can Mama Love products be found?
My own website at or on Etsy at

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