Saturday, April 17, 2010

Looking into Buying an RV

I woke up very early the other day with the thought that we should get ourselves an RV. We've been stuck in the desert for far too long and even minimum wage work is impossible to find. Besides we've had a glimpse of the good life recently and we want ourselves a piece. (If we can figure out how to get there.)

We're not sure how to do any of this. We just know that attempting to do it from a distance, especially when fantasies and fears cannot be balanced by seeing things in person, talking to people, etc. has been way too daunting a task. At least if we can bring a cozy (and fun) little mobile house with us we could do it without imposing on friends too much, and without excessive expense. And if the first place or two isn't right we just hop in the RV and drive away. Selling Mama Love and other products and services along the way.

Yesterday Paul and I went on a local excursion to visit the RV sales lots we always pass on by up in Show Low and Pinetop. Prices for used RVs ranged from $2500 to $25,000 in one lot. I saw an ad for the RV pictured on this page on Craigslist today for $2500. The owner would be willing to drop the price in exchange for a handgun. Yeah, really, it's Arizona. He'll trade it partially for a handgun or best offer.

The most important thing, of course, is what kind of shape it's in and what we could realistically do with it. $2500 doesn't mean the vehicle is bad. We found a converter van yesterday for that much that needed work cosmetically on the inside (new curtains, our own bed to replace the seats) that ran like a charm and had relatively low miles. Why? DUI impound and the guy never bothered to pick it up so the title reverted to the towing company. But, while the van would have been great for a short camping trip for a week or so, it could easily become nightmarish if our relocation dreams take a bit longer (like everything has in this recession).

Then we came across a very old version of an RV like the one above. People keep their RVs for LONG periods of time out here and they don't get used constantly as a daily commuter car so the miles can still be low. The one we saw didn't look as nice as this on the outside and it would have cost $5000. But the inside was gorgeous! Perfect upholstery, a nice bed, bathroom, full kitchen with pretty wooden cabinets, lots of storage. They even had a basket of flowers on the counter to make it more appealing. We didn't get to test drive that one though. If we're interested we'll have to call the owner who wasn't available just then and make another trip.

The one above looks great in the picture on the outside but the inside could be trashed... or perfectly great. You never know with these things -- price isn't the determining factor. Why the person doesn't need it anymore or needs the money more often is. (I don't even want to know why he needs a gun.)


Gaelle Kennedy said...

Thanks for letting us know about your RV research. I really like your writing and am going to follow your blog and adventures.

Sheryl Karas said...

Thanks Gaelle!