Monday, June 07, 2010

Custom Flower Essence Aromatherapy Formulas

Do you want a flower essence aromatherapy formula for a purpose not currently on my list? You know, something to help you while you're giving up smoking, to help ease depression, or anything else that doesn't appear to be there already? If you are already clear about what issues you want to address, I can create a formula to help! If you're not clear enough have a spiritual counseling and healing session with me and my partner Paul. We can help you address your concerns in a deeper way, uncovering any underlying difficulties and providing expert guidance to help you on your way.
Sliding scale fees make spiritual counseling and healing affordable! Click here to find out more. Once any underlying issues are determined I'll be happy to make a custom flower essence aromatherapy formula for you. The cost is $30 to design and make the formula, $16.99 for refills.

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