Sunday, June 13, 2010


Raventree by Paul Hood
Raventree by Paul Hood

We're going to miss our local ravens when we leave this place. (Don't ask when that's going to be--we're still working on it!) Paul did the image on my blog today. He's branching out and starting to take his photography into the realm of fine art painting / mixed media. You can click the image to get to his Imagekind gallery.

Ravens are very intelligent birds and have great personalities. We feed them at our house and there is a raven pair bond that have taken up what looks like fairly persistent residence. They brought their babies to the seed stash last year and taught them to look there for our daily goodies. Then the babies got curious about Paul and me and took to perching on the roof just over our heads when we'd sit outside to get some privacy and fresh air. They'd look down at us and cock their heads as if to say "what kind of creatures are you?"

One day we saw the young ravens wrestling on the ground in the shade of a juniper tree. They were playing and rolling around on the ground like kittens or puppies. We'd never seen anything like it. They also played with sticks and were quite raucous. Their parents behave in a much more "business-like" fashion. It's been fun to get to know how birds far out in the wild will behave in an environment where they feel safe.

The raven in this shot lives with its family a little further away in an area where there are several dead trees, some that look like they were hit by lightening. They seem to like that area and don't find themselves interacting with people very much there so when Paul arrived this one became quite vocal and flapped its wings trying to get him to leave. Paul got this shot because of it.

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