Saturday, July 24, 2010

Flower Essence Books I Use the Most

Keep in mind, of course, that I'm writing a book and spend lots of time researching every flower I'm attracted to so I have lots of great reasons to be referring to these books all the time. But if you're as interested in the intersection of spiritual and physical reality as it is expressed in the natural world as I am you'll find these books an interesting read.

 Flower Readings: Discover Your True Self Through the Ancient Art of Flower Psychometry
by Suzy Chiazzari

I’m not sure why she calls it flower “psychometry” but this book is an unusual and interesting exploration of flower archetypes as they correlate metaphysically with archetypes found in human nature. Chiazzari talks about how to use attractions to specific flowers as an indication of archetypal patterns operating in one’s own life.  I came upon the importance of attraction as an indicator of what flowers might be helpful to me naturally and quite by accident. (See this earlier blog post about my encounter with Scotch Broom.) I've been fascinated (and amazed) by the topic ever since.

Bach Flower Remedies: Form & Function
by Julian Barnard

If the description of Suzy Chiazzari’s book aroused any curiosity, dive into the world of flower essences. Julian Barnard has devoted his life to studying the Bach Flower Remedies. In this book Barnard explores how  Bach may have made his discoveries and helps the reader understand the archetypal qualities expressed by each plant as it grows in its natural environment. Very in-depth, not as woo-woo as Chiazzari’s explanation, and I haven't come across a book that explains it better. Highly recommended and a truly fascinating read!

Flower Essence Repertory
by Patricia Kaminski, Richard Katz

This is one of most well-used books on my shelf. The cover has fallen off, the pages are dog-eared —I need another copy myself! A great reference book. In addition to providing a complete overview of flower essence theory and practice and a comprehensive listing of the most commonly available North American and Bach flower essences, this book provides a way for choosing essences using a wide assortment of treatment categories. Highly recommended!
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