Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm the Laptop Around Here!

Chloe Licks card

A few weeks after Pipa died Chloe decided that she was the lap kitty now. Peeps was such an affectionate cat that she was always in our laps soaking up attention and Chloe rarely showed interest. But now that she is the "only" kitty (the only people-socialized one) Chlo-Chlo has really come into her fullness.

Paul will have his legs stretched out on the coffeetable with his laptop on his lap and Chloe will come over and start nudging the computer aside. If nothing happens she stretches out a paw and threatens to walk on the keyboard. She WILL walk on the keyboard if nothing happens after that but Paul's a softie and usually gives in. He'll move the computer to one side and Chloe hops on, circles several times in different directions before settling down, and then purrs with a happy self-satisfied look on her face: "I'm the laptop now!"

But lately it's been unbearably hot -- 100 degrees on a regular basis. That's "cool" for Arizona. The "valley" (Phoenix, etc.) is 10-15 degrees hotter than that! It's really not laptop weather so Chloe has taken over the coffeetable right where Paul used to put his feet. He gave in again. Chloe looked quite hurt and upset until he did. (He's so "pussy-whipped".) Now the coffeetable (the closest place to Paul's lap that is not too hot) is her domain. But the evil competition -- our laptops -- are NOT allowed. If one of us so much as attempts to put one of our laptops on the coffeetable Chloe is there. She sometimes comes from clear across the room and stands over the computer looking straight at us with a look that says "How could you?!!"

Chloe will not be deterred from her task of making us remove the evil machine until it happens. Then she immediately takes over the spot where it was even if she had shown no interest in the coffeetable before. That is HER domain now and she is guarding it fiercely and shows no sign of backing down.

Worse, she assumes that anything we put in that place is a gift. "Thank you, Mama! That was a delicious egg. And the coffee-flavored milk? Yum!" Water glasses have to be defended religiously but she doesn't mean to be a bad kitty. It's a matter of boundary-setting -- we have to be consistent about setting them -- and kitty logic. "We're family! All drinking from the same source is what littermates do, right?"

We're all working it out. The great news is that Chloe actually communicates, seems to understand what we're trying to say part of the time (that didn't happen before), and wants to be close. And that happens to be very nice.


Alys Milner said...

I never tire hearing about cats. They fascinate me. Nice piece, Sheryl.

Paul Hood said...

In my own defense, there are worse things to be whipped by.

Paul Hood said...

In my own defense, there are worse things to be whipped by.

elsiee said...

pets names Chloe must be inherently uncuddly until they decide to be - my 13y/o peke pup Chloe can take us or leave us, most of the time anyway!

Celtic Cat said...

I love hearing about other artists cats!

My three cats are all different.

Anne Vis said...

Cute shot and beautiful story!