Thursday, July 08, 2010

July Special on Spiritual Counseling Services

For the month of July only, Paul and I are offering everybody sessions at the bottom of our sliding scale, regardless of your income. That's $30 for a 1/2 hour, $50 for an hour, and $75 for an hour and a half. Our normal sliding scale is $50 - 250 for an hour. Our regular flat fee is $150 so if you've never had a session with us before or haven't had a session in a while this is the time! And have no fear if you don't live near Snowflake, AZ -- we do sessions via telephone with people from around the world.

After July we're making our income-sensitive sliding scale a need-sensitive one. We realize that even people who appear to make a decent living on paper frequently have extenuating circumstances, unusual expenses and -- these days -- serious concerns about their financial well-being. So we're going back to our roots: choose whatever you can afford, no questions asked. If you want to pay more later you can. If you can't, you don't have to!

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