Thursday, July 22, 2010

This and That

A few more personal updates:

• Some things can't be talked about in public. Lots of emotional upheaval and then settling back down. Upshot: It's better to be kind when someone does something stupid and harmful but without malicious intent than to harbor a grudge. It took a bit to get there though. Glad we did.

• We've been exploring what we can do from here in Arizona instead of obsessively focusing on how to move away. We met a couple who has a yoga studio an hour and a half away in the White Mountains. We're not sure we'll want to work with them or not but it was interesting to know that one of them introduced an esoteric Tibetan sound healing practice to this very conservative Christian area and managed to get 17 people to sign up! That opened up our perspectives a bit and got us feeling like it might be possible to start a group or do talks or classes of our own.

Lots of computer laptop woes that seem to be improving. Got a new battery. That solved some things right there! Also, I kept losing my internet connection and was frequently finding it impossible to get back on. This started when the weather got hot -- Macs aren't supposed to like temperatures over 95 degrees. And, unfortunately, to make matters worse the fan on my laptop hasn't been working when it gets hot for some time -- only when using Photoshop or heavy duty programs. It seems like the heat sensor or something else (software?) hasn't been working in regards to temperature. I've tried LOTS of things and then gave up. Took to setting my laptop on top of ice packs to cool it down. Today the fan started working again. By itself. Like nothing was ever wrong. And that means my internet connection connection is working fine again, too.

More good news. Our Recession Special for our spiritual counseling services has worked for getting new people to try us out and at least one old client, too. More than one has had more than one session! It's helped our state of mind quite a bit.

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