Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've Got a Kindle Book

Well, it took awhile but I got my first book on a Kindle -- "Changing the World One Relationship at a Time: Transformational Listening for Mutual Support & Empowerment." It's a guide to learning how to exchange useful support with another person, including basic peer counseling skills, information on how to create a support group, and lots of tools for creating a good life. And it's already been reviewed with 4 stars. Cool, huh?

And, if you'd rather have a REAL BOOK, you can find this one and a few other choices here:

It's probably terrible advertising to say that I'm not impressed with the Kindle. It's basically just text that runs on with a minimum of formatting, style or grace. Just words, just black and white. I'm sure there will have to be improvements on that someday. But I know people who LOVE them! So it's great to be up with the times.

 Want to know what a Kindle reader looks like? Here's a picture of one:

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 6" Display, White - 2nd Generation 

It's about the size of a small paperback book so you can put it in your totebag and bring it to the beach or read on the subway or wherever you'd bring a book. But you can download LOTS of books to it. I guess people like that it's like taking your whole library with you. Except it works best for books that have no pictures or graphics. It's kind of interesting. But I really will be excited when you can view the books as the author and book designer intended with beautiful type, colorful photos and graphics, the whole nine yards.

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Celtic Cat said...

I was just looking at one the other day. I will give Santa a hint that it
looks so cool.